Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wild Country Out There

I bought this raft for twenty bucks at Walmart and ended up floating it one hundred miles down the Yukon River from Eagle to Circle with my seventy-pound bear dog, an Airedale terrier, riding between my legs. You don't need much to survive the summer in the Alaska backcountry, mainly patience and acceptance of the hardship and the time that goes by without the comforts and friends of home. And the abiltiy to tolerate the intense sun and mosquitoes. The little bastards always go for you temples and ankles. If you can handle that you can do it. You can usually catch enough fish and gather enough rosehips and berries to get you through. If you spend the days doing a little hiking the time seems to slide by faster and you get to see some country. Boy is there some wild country out there.


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