Monday, April 8, 2013

P soup

I always buy clothes at second hand stores, and love to use the synthetic dress pants for hiking. I used threee-dollar pants for my hike across Alaska. I liked that I got so much for almost nothing and how I could walk so far and see so much by dressing simply, not outlandishly.
     In Portland, when I was applying for one of my first jobs after getting out of the military, my sister-in-law took me out to buy my first suit. Man, I was in and out of there in no time flat, just how brain dead men like myself like to shop. We had all these clothes for almost nothing. She makes these high quality garments out of used clothing that would have otherwise been thrown out. In her own words from her website at where she sells her stuff.  

welcome to psoup handmade! i'm passionate about reuse and i love taking something that's meant to be thrown away after its original intended use and make something entirely new out of it. without compromising quality, you'll find many of my items are made from these strong materials. i also love working with new and vintage materials. please let me know if you have any questions ... and thanks for stopping!