Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rise of the Horse Slaugter Houses

There are around 37,000 wild horses roaming free on public rangelands, beautiful and majestic right? Not for some. The Bureau of Land Management has increased its efforts to round up some of these horses for sale and adoption. They say there isn't enough forage to support these horses, but they represent only a fraction of one percent of the number of cattle and sheep on public land. There are around 47,000 wild horses in BLM holding pens and some say they can't hold anymore. So how can the round ups go on if they don't have a place to keep them. Ah ha. In comes the rise of the horse slaughter house and the industry of horse meat for human consumption. You see, some stand to make money off horse meat, which is in demand in certain countries. And here is the kicker I think. Wild horses don't cost any money to raise - they raise themselves in the wild. And they're rounded up and held, paid by taxpayers, so for some who have a blatant disregard for animal well-being, see this as an opportunity to make money off free animals, and I mean wild and free, not free for some person to own. For all those wild horses who have been rounded up over the years, where have they gone? The answer might not be as pretty and majestic as you think.